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Since 1992, Dallas Texas lawyer Tahira Khan Merritt has represented children and adults sexually violated and betrayed by those entrusted with their protection and care.

In these complex cases, the civil law may provide remedies to hold accountable, not only perpetrators, but also the institutions that cover up and protect sexual predators.

But cases involving the sexual abuse of children and adult survivors of child sexual abuse are emotional and complicated.

You need strong, determined advocates to fight for you within the challenging legal system. Tahira Khan Merritt is among a small number of lawyers nationwide devoting their firms' entire law practice to helping child victims of sexual abuse get justice and closure. We will discreetly and confidentially handle your case.

Special Victims - Special Cases

Our society recognizes sex crimes as particularly heinous, especially when the victims are children. The criminal laws often-times fail to bring justice and closure to victims of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.

The trial attorneys and staff at Tahira Khan Merritt P.L.L.C. believe victims of sexual assault and abuse victims and their families deserve access to the judicial system. By confronting perpetrators and holding accountable the individuals and institutions who harmed them, children are safer.

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Not All Scars Are Visible

Abuse victims often suffer devastating life-long injuries and damages. Experts agree that it may take many years, sometimes decades, for victims, especially child victims of sexual abuse, to understand the nature of the sexual acts they endured and the connection to any chronic psychological condition and injuries.

Victim Advocate - Dave Lewcon

Dave LewconVictims also tell us that there is nothing quite so reassuring as getting understanding and support from another survivor..... To read more, click here.